Ways To Achieve Happiness

The bitter reality of today’s world is that nobody has the time to stop and reflect on the life we are leading, instead just running in the blind race to chase happiness but not knowing what it is in real. There’s no Einstein’s formula to seek happiness but it can be achieved in the little and simple things of life. By just following your heart and doing the warm gestures for others can surely be the staircase to happiness! So, just take the simple steps and Be HAPPY!!



Be kind to everyone as we don’t know who is fighting a secret battle in their lives..  Nowadays in this rat race world, people are so much engaged in their own work and lives that no one even gives a thought about others.  However, it doesn’t cost much to be kind but surely it will make you feel rich at heart with the magic of kindness you spread around.



Cut the ego and say sorry when you are wrong or when you made someone upset by your actions. The word ‘sorry’ is powerful enough to mend a broken heart only if it purely comes from the core of one’s heart. So don’t be sorry because you have to but be sorry as you want to heal the soul you caused pain. You’ll receive an unexplainable peace by making the apology as it will soothe your mind and soul to get rid of the guilt of hurting someone.

Give TIME!


Make special time for your loved ones creating some new memories, sharing some joys and tears as life hasn’t promised eternal times. It’s an irony that everyone is running towards achieving success, in order to be happy in life with oneself & their loved ones but they can’t even afford some time off to spend with their dear ones.                                                            Be there for your close ones now; don’t wait for any occasion to be the reason of your presence in their life but every regular day. Hence, it will give you the opportunity to rebuild your relations with your loved ones leaving your heart feeling the warmth of affection!



A gift doesn’t need to be expensive to be liked but should be wrapped with the emotions to be loved by people. A novel with a short note on it is enough to lighten up someone’s day, surely for a dedicated reader! A small thoughtful gift is more appealing to people than a big showoff one! Giving a bar of chocolate to a kid and getting a smile in return is simply priceless and would fill your heart with content! So, achieve the joy of giving as its precious….

Listen to your heart!


People often forget to listen to their heart and focus on what the mind orders them to do! They are so engaged in their decisions made by their mind that leaves their close ones wounded. Still, they are so blind to see that what damage their heart’less’ action does to their relations! Thinking from your heart would save a lot of destruction of others’ emotions. So, think from the heart and listen to its little voice calling you to be more kind, to be more understanding for others’ expectations from you. Save the hearts of your loved ones from breaking.

There is no hard and fast rule to be happy in life rather it’s in the small things of life which we often ignore but those are the gestures in which real happiness lies.


Questions for the mainstream society

Questions to the society who outcast others if they don’t fall under the criteria set by those people of the society….
How would you feel to be punished for the mistakes or flaws you have nothing to do with?
Why the society judges everyone through the lens which is only ideal in their own mind? Why they can’t open their hearts to embrace people who are genuine regardless of their unfortunate aspects in life?
Why people forget the basic humanity & sensibility in judging a person?
Why the society set a standard where everyone doesn’t fit in due to unfortunate reality they are trapped with?
How is it wise to not consider some people worthy enough to deserve some happiness just because they lack the mainstream social norms?
Why do people put unreasonable conditions to make others life difficult who are already a victim of the harsh sufferings of life?

Questions which we all have but nothing can be done to fix the paralysed mind of people of the mainstream society…..

New Year With A New Start!

New Years eve has arrived as we are stepping out from 2015 & entering into 2016. Apart from holding a party or celebration on 31st night, have you thought something deeper about the coming year that how are you going to add value to your life! If not then you must give it a sincere thought as time will keep flowing like water but you’ll never be able to get the same time back!! So think about the things you should consider for the coming year towards making your life more meaningful :

Maintaining a “happy Balanced life” : By balanced I mean giving equal importance to every aspect of your life starting from your studies, work to your relationship with family& friends, social& religious responsibilities. If all these are well taken care of & every aspect is maintained efficiently & with utmost dedication then one can surely have a happy balanced life. Though sometimes luck doesn’t favor & things go wrong no matter how hard you try to work things out! Still keep working for it& try to give your heart & soul to each dimensions of your life.

Make someone smile:  If you see someone without a smile, give them yours as this might make their day! Make some attempt to brighten up someone’s face with a smile , whether it’s a street child you see at the traffic single or someone within your own family; it doesn’t cost much to bring a smile on someone’s face. You may just play with the street kid while you are stuck in the traffic jam & it might bring a huge smile on his/her face, I m sure it would be a priceless feeling for both of you. On the other hand, You may cook special dinner for your family & it will not only make them happy but it will also make their heart smile! So, make someone smile today as it will also bring a smile on your face!

Be considerate to others: No one’s born perfect, so try to overlook people’s shortcomings& mistakes; as you are NOT perfect either. Humans can make errors but if you are considerate towards them, it will boost up their morale & strive to work harder & improve. Either at work place with employees or with any family members or associates, be more considerate as in turn they’ll be considerate towards your lacking as well. However, if you rebuke others for their small mistakes, it will badly affect their self confidence & may even cause distress. So, from now be a little more considerate to others& encourage them to be better in every way. Hence, it will make you a better person and people will look up to you in a respectful way.

These are just a few to name but honestly there is no hard & fast rule to be a better person& lead a happy life but you have to decide that how you want to form your life. All I can say is this world needs more kind people & peace-makers so if we all initiate to make our deeds & actions more sincere and spread love & harmony to every one then we all can add some value to our lives and make this world a place to live in!
So, wish you all a very Happy New Year & have a happy Balanced life! 


Things to do in Winter staying home!!!!

As the winter& holiday season is kicking off, everyone has started to plan trips to visit the different places & enjoy winter holidays. However, there are also some people who are not opting for any trip so for them there is a list of things they can do & still enjoy the holiday season!

First, for people who love to cook but don’t get the time to do so due to busy schedule. Now, it’s the time to get your chef hat on & start cooking the meals you were dying to make. If you like baking then it’s the best time to get the inner baker out & bake delicious cakes,cupcakes&cookies which would make your winter days even more awesome! You may invite your relatives or friends for dinner to share your dishes made with pure love!


Second, winter is the perfect time to wrap yourself in comfy warm blanket & watch movies. Just pick your choice of movies,get warm popcorns and you are good to go! It will surely relax your mind & take away all your stress of life at least for few hours. So, take a break & watch movies to refresh your mood. Watching Movies is my favorite on my winter things to do list& I m sure you all love it too!


Third, Reading is the amazing thing to do for the crazy readers out there! If you’re a novel reader then grab a collection of your favorite writer’s novel & enjoy your winter holidays reading the Nicolas Sparks romantic novels & feel the love it has portrayed. Or dig into Sidney Sheldon’s suspense & get your inquisitive queries answered! Get a mug of Coffee& indulge yourself in the novel’s story!


Last but not the least is the Winter Barbecue which is one of the awesome things to do in winter holidays! It might sound crazy to some people but doing barbecue in winter is the best as it lets you enjoy the warmth of grill in the chilly weather! So, invite friends over &organize a barbecue party this winter in your backyard or rooftop & enjoy grilling the steaks!!!!



P.S: I shared some of my favorite things but I would like to know what else do you guys like to do in winter break at home 🙂

You never know….

You never know meeting a person that their soul might be deeply bruised by the ones they expected the most..

You never know seeing a person how much they have endured the pain of being degraded by others…

You never know talking to a person that how much sorrow they silently have kept in their heart..

You never know judging someone that what storms they have gone through..

You never know looking at a person that they have cried their heart out yet put a smile in front of the world..

You never know being with a person that how many scars they might be hiding…

You may never know what the next person sitting beside you is going through as you might not look deep to find out….


Life is a Gamble!

Life is a gamble,
Which I wish to win,
But till now losing is in,
For which I grieve to brim..

Life is a gamble,
Which I struggle to play,
As it sets my dream into clay,
Still didn’t give up my dream to portray…

Life is a gamble,
Where I look for success,
But disappointments are only suppressed,
Because in my fate only failure is  addressed….

P.S: Yet another old poem..
Feel free to share your thoughts 🙂


Emotions stuck in Confusion!

My emotions get stuck in Confusion,
As the nature of fate creates fusion,
For which it leads me to an illusion,
And I get lost in delusion….

My dreams struggle to find it’s way,
But gets carried away with the mishap ray,
For which all my hopes flies away,
And I get completely astray….

My expectations wishes to succeed,
But disappointments always exceeds,
Which actually makes me weep,
Still I believe fortune is about to breathe….

P.S: Old poem of mine, thought of sharing.. 🙂


Are you SORRY??

Sorry—an expression of regret & repentance of one’s mistake. A simple word used to apologize for one’s action or deeds.

The word ‘sorry’ is used every single day by various individuals but the question arises do they really mean it?
Well, there are some people who are genuinely sorry for their hurtful actions towards others. While some never feel the need to even speak the word out as their immense ego doesn’t enable them to do so.

Sorry has got no value if it’s not felt from the heart and if no sense of realization works. It’s not just a word to use for the sake of making things work out with someone. It’s a feeling which should genuinely come across when one hurts or somehow makes others feel bad.

The word ‘sorry’ is powerful enough to mend a broken heart only if it purely comes from the core of one’s heart. So don’t be sorry because you have to but be sorry as you want to heal the soul you caused pain.

P.S: any other views about ‘sorry’ will be highly appreciated.


Coffee love ~~

The aroma of coffee drives me crazy yet uplifts my mood. For me, Coffee seems to be my peace-maker as the very sip of it works like a soothing balm over my stressed mind. It turns a bitter day even sweeter by its very strong yet creamy rich taste! In winter & rainy days it brings me comfort by its lovely warmth.
Flavors, I personally prefer are cappuccino & hazelnut latte which never happen to disappoint my tastebud. Life without coffee for me would be a flower without fragrance.
My love,Coffee charges me up when all my energy is drained. It also enable me to indulge in-depth conversation with my dear ones while sipping of its overwhelming taste. So,happiness for me is having a mug of coffee any day at anytime ❤

P.S: any coffee lovers who want to share their thoughts about it??



Rain- Sometimes, just the small drops or the heavy water fall leaves clear vision for people to observe the nature’s aspect..
Rain connects with individuals at an emotional level as it is often taken joyfully by people whose hearts are content with happiness. While others whose eyes are filled with dry tears of sorrow may take rain as a gloomy weather. It’s the dual perception which represents two different expressions towards the nature’s occurring. Some see rain as a blessing, a reason of rejoice, while for some it may act as a curse.
Rain enhances the emotions one is going through, either happiness or sorrow. It lets one feel the nature& connect it with their current emotions..

P.S: Share your thoughts about rain& how you connect with it.